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VFD Regulations and Responsibilities for Producers - check out this quick resource guide on VFD and questions that will be asked during a VFD audit.
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Take control of your fly problems. Break the fly cycle. Feed SmartLic IGR supplements.
Horn Flies Chart
*Kansas State University Research.

When you see your cattle grouped together trying to swat or shake off flies, remember that you can control those horn flies with Smartlic IGR Feed Supplements. Horn fly infestations cost cattle producers an estimated $875 million dollars per year. Smartlic IGR Supplements with methoprene are university research proven to help break the fly cycle and control horn fly populations. Help improve reporductive performance and calf development by controlling horn fly infestations. Smartlic IGR Feed Supplements contain a complete vitamin and mineral package designed to meet the nutrient requirements on summer pastures.

For more information, visit with your CPC feed consultant.

Aaron Amidon
Feed Consultant
Cell:  605-840-1514

Shelby Bartling
Feed Consultant
Cell:  605-840-4753
Email:  sbartling@countrypridecoop.com

Sheila Price
Feed Consultant
Cell: 605-481-2894
Email:  sprice@countrypridecoop.com

Mark Kruger
Feed Consultant
Cell:  605-840-0177

Leo Westendorf
VP of Feed
Cell:  605-840-9570

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