Providing a dependable, economical supply of fuels and lubricants is our goal. We offer high-quality fuels to heat your homes and businesses and power your vehicles at work and at play. We also carry a complete line of Cenex lubricants. Whatever your energy need, check with the Country Pride energy experts first.


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Check out Country Pride's newest truck to the Energy fleet! The new refined fuel truck will be servicing the eastern trade territory and can haul up to 7,500 gallons of product!

Secure Comfort Equal Payment Plan
Sign up today and take the worry out of high heat bills this winter while locking in your propane price for 12 months! Call or stop in to your CPC location for details!

Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers In-Stock

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Are you interested in automatic fuel delivery, convenient monthly billing, and improving cash flow? Then our new Usage Billing Program may be for you!  Learn more by clicking here.


  • Burke – 605-775-2652
  • Chancellor & Freeman – 605-925-4254
  • Crofton, NE  - 402-388-4588
  • Dallas - 605-835-8365
  • Fairfax - 605-654-2619
  • Menno – 605-387-5151
  • Mission – 605-856-4434
  • Valentine, NE - 402-376-1994
  • Wagner – 605-384-3671, 888-384-3680
  • White River – 605-259-3141
  • Winner – 605-842-2711, 888-325-7743


Products & Services

  • Fuel and Propane contracts
  • Bulk oil products and storage options
  • Warranty Program
  • Usage Billing Program
  • Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers

Refined Fuel Contract Options

  • Fixed Price – Contract fixes a set price per gallon for a specific quantity of refined fuel to be delivered during the contract period. The customer is billed at the set price when the fuel is delivered. An 80-cent-per-gallon fee will be assessed if the customer fails to take delivery of at least 90% of the contracted volume.
  • Maximum Price – Contract sets a ceiling price per gallon while offering downside protection. This contract requires the payment of an upfront non-refundable contract fee. At delivery, the customer will pay the lower of the maximum contract price or the daily tank wagon price.

**Refined fuel contract prices are established on a daily basis. Call us at 888-325-7743 for the current price.

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7 Features and Benefits of Ruby Field Master Diesel:

  • Detergent
    • Improves fuel efficiency, maximizes horsepower, extends the life of fuel pump and injectors
  • Injection Stabilizer
    • Addresses fuel oxidation to prevent injector fouling, reduces filter and injector replacement
  • Lubricity Improver
    • Protects injection pumps from wear and premature replacement
  • Demulsifiers
    • Separates water from fuel in the tank
  • Storage Stabilizers
    • Extends life of diesel fuel an additional 3 to 6 months versus typical #2 diesel
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Prevents fuel lines from corrosion, blockage and breaks, reduces downtime and repair costs
  • Cetane Improvers
    • Typical Cetane rating of 48 for smoother starting, more power, less smoke, and better cold weather startin

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Diesel exhaust fluid (DES) is an organic, nontoxic compound made of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF is carefully regulated by the American Petroleum Institute.


Over the road - Approximately 3% usage Ag consumption -5%-10%


  • DEF will freeze but this does not affect the product. Trucks will be immediately operational throughout the DEF tank thawing process.
  • There is no concern regarding thermal stress with the plastic DEF tank. Tanks have been extensively tested in a variety of extreme climates.
  • DEF, when heated and maintained at a temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, IE direct sunlight, will very slowly start to form small amounts of ammonia. It is strongly advised therefore, NOT to store outside or in direct sunlight even indoors.


  • DEF is very susceptible to contamination.
  • Do NOT allow for a bulk system to be exposed the atmosphere.
  • Do NOT gravity-flow DEF.
  • Smaller jugs should be completely emptied into the equipment. Try to never have a partially filled jug setting around, even if It has been closed with the cap.
  • Use ONLY dispensing equipment designed for DEF. any other equipment will cause degradation of DEF
  • If skin is exposed to DEF, wash it off As Soon As Possible.

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Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty          
Whether you cover new or used equipment, this warranty offers 4 primary benefits:
1) Unsurpassed coverage that goes beyond - but won't interfere with - your original manufacturer's warranty
2) A no-hassle claims process with no deductible and no "burden of proof," meaning you don't have to prove that your engine problems were caused by an oil or fuel defect.
3) Extended equipment life, thanks to quality Cenex lubricants and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel (products that are specially formulated for the tough challenges of farming).
4)  The early-warning advantages that come from conducting regular oil sampling, a simple yet important step that can help prevent major problems and alert you before expensive damage occurs.

The Cenex Total Protection Plan provides coverage up to 10 years or 10,000 hours on new equipment and 8 years or 8,000 hours on existing equipment.  You get great protection, plus all the advantages that come from using proven Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels and lubricants - like longer engine life, extended drains, more power for pulling heavy loads, quicker starts and improved fuel efficiency.  For more information or to enroll, visit or contact Country Pride's Energy Specialists Bill Benedict at 605-840-1026, Jean McPadden at 605-936-0039 or Mike Gullikson at 402-360-0018.


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