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To provide quality products and innovative services that allows our company and customers to achieve sustainable profitability.

To be an industry leader in agriculture by collaborating with our valued customers, quality employees, and aligned global partners in order to achieve sustainable success into the future.

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Country Pride Cooperative is a strong, diversified, growth-oriented, and locally owned co-op system. It is committed to the redemption of its owners’ equity through local profitability.

Country Pride was formed through the unification of two strong cooperatives, Freeman Oil Cooperative and Dakota Pride Cooperative. This union—and the addition of cooperatives in Chancellor, Menno, Wagner— created an even stronger company, committed to local control and traditional cooperative values.

Now positioned for continued growth, Country Pride Cooperative is focusing on further strengthening the organization and ensuring long-term local profitability and equity payouts, as well as keeping ownership where it belongs—on a local level.

It is the combined strength of our members, our management, and our employees that will ensure the success of this vital, growing organization.

Freeman Coop Gas and Oil got its start in 1935 as a Skelly Oil station. By 1937, it had expanded into a business with three locations after entering into agreements with Freeman Junior College and the owners of the Jacob Kautz Hotel. In 1938, it expanded to the point that it was operating three stations and a bulk plant, yet posted total sales of less than $21,000. However, steps were taken to increase profitability, and by 1941, earnings were up to $53,000 and a new bulk truck was put in operation. Growth was halted briefly in 1943 after the bulk plant exploded.

In 1940, the Winner farming community came together to form the Farmers Coop Oil Association, with a goal of combining the purchasing power of many to secure better fuel prices. In 1948, the co-op built a service station and farm store. Nine years later, in 1957, it expanded to Mission and purchased the Farmers Union Coop and Gingery Lumberyard in White River.

In 1962, the Winner company made a significant move into agronomy services with the construction of a dry fertilizer blending and storage facility. An anhydrous ammonia plant was added in 1963.

During the years between 1965 and 1975, neither co-op expanded greatly, though both remained strong and profitable. Freeman Coop Oil did, however, enter the LP fuel business in 1970.

In 1976, both co-ops began to see a resurgence in growth with the accompanying changes. The Coop Oil Association of Winner implemented equity retirement, and Freeman Coop Oil purchased the Mobile Oil bulk plant.

In 1983, the Freeman-based company entered the dry fertilizer business. It quickly expanded as the need for the service grew. In 1991, it completed construction of the Freeman Ampride. Farmers Cooperative Association built an Ampride convenience store and purchased Glover Oil in Burke that same year.

In 1993, Fairfax Cooperative Association and Farmers Cooperative Association of Dallas merged with Farmers Cooperative Association to become Dakota Pride Cooperative. In 1994, an Ampride was opened in Mission, followed by a Winner Rent-It-Center in 1995.

In 2000, the memberships of Freeman Coop Oil and Dakota Pride combined to become Country Pride Cooperative. In the fall of that same year, Country Pride acquired Farmers Union Oil Company of Chancellor.

In January 2001, Country Pride merged with Farmers Union Oil Company of Menno and Lesterville. Together, we carried on the tradition of growth and the commitment to providing quality products and services and reasonable prices to rural South Dakota communities.

In 2006 the Wagner Farmers Oil Coop joined with Country Pride, and in the fall of 2007 a unification of the Platte Coop with Country Pride completed the current footprint in our trade territory. 

In 2011 a new grain receiving facility and agronomy plant were constructied in Winner. The $5.2 million expansion project was operational that late fall. 

2012 - 2016
Country Pride's Mission Ampride received recognition from CHS as the national winner in their "Tanks of Thanks" promotion. The appreciation event was held to highlight the staff for their volunteerism and committment to their community.

Country Pride continues to invest in infrastructure, assets and its employee team to enhance its tradition of providing quality products and services to patrons across its trade territory. Whether it is improvements in facilities in Wagner, updated agronomy equipment in Freeman, remodeled bathrooms in the retail stores, a new car wash in Winner, new bins and fertilizer facilties in Fairfax, staff training, new pumps in White River or additional grain services in Winner -- just  to name a few -- the Country Pride Board of Directors' vision to be an industry leader and assist patrons to achieve sustainable profitability is an on-going driving force behind our companys efforts each and every day!  In 2015 Country Pride added a feed and energy location in Valentine, NE to service customers in that territory. In April 2016 a propane location was added to Country Pride in Crofton, NE. Previously ran as a family business, the Crofton site was purchased and allows CPC additional market area and provides for us to utilize syngergies within our trade territory between Freeman and Wagner locations as well. We are looking forward to continuing to expand our footprint and provide quality services and products to area customers. On the east side of the trade territory, changes included divesting of our two c-stores in Menno and Freeman while we opened our newly built 4,000 ton fertilizer plant in Freeman. Menno agronomy staff moved into new office space in September. 
2017- present
2017 was a year for reflection, change and refocusing. Throughout the year we continued to make asset improvements, completed staff training and investments into the locations. This included a new fuel truck which can haul 7,000 gallons of diesel fuel or 7,500 gallons of gas which is based in the East Region.. In April CEO Mike Trosen resigned to take a position at a cooperative in Minnesosota and the CPC Board of Directors did their due diligence by reviewing merger opportunities before a new CEO search. The Board made the decision to remain as an independent local cooperative. In the ever-changing landscape of the agricultural environment Country Pride remains a proven partner to our area communities and producers. CPC completed the sale of the Chancellor c-store to a local entitiy in June.   The Board selected interim CEO David Hartley as the new CEO in October. Country Pride continues to invest into the infrastructure at its locations to continue our mission of providing quality products and services to our customers.

Expanding the array of products and services, and going outside of the “traditional” ag cooperative boundaries, is inevitable. However, maintaining owner equity is a priority as the cooperative continues into the future. The entire staff at Country Pride appreciates your business. 

1st Principle:  Voluntary & Open Membership
2nd Principle:  Democratic Member Control
3rd Principle:  Member Economic Participation
4th Principle:  Autonomy & Independence
5th Principle:  Education, Training & Information
6th Principle:  Cooperation Among Cooperatives
7th Principle:  Concern for Community

*Cooperatives base their existence on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.  In the tradition of their founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.
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