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Now is the time to give your crop a boost of fertilizer to ensure your crop reaches full yield potential.

Recent rains have increased yield potential, so additional nutrients will be needed to achieve top yields.

Also, rains may have caused losses of the fertilizer you applied earlier this Spring.

Contact your local agronomist today to set up your application!

Check out the benefits of seed treatment.
Click on the video link below to learn more about the benefits of seed treatment.  The link has a great video of "CruiserMaxx Vibrance Beans vs. Untreated Beans" which shows the difference between treated and nontreated soybeans. The treated seed shows faster emergence, stronger root growth and more evenly plant development to name a few. Give your CPC agronomist a call to learn more about our seed treatment options.

CPC Crop Scout Program
by Troy Soukup, Lead Sales Agronomist
With today’s crop prices and increase rent, growers need to reach their yield goals to insure a profit.  This is where hiring an agronomist or trained crop scout to inspect your fields pays off. Many producers question the added cost of crop scouting.  One question asked all the time is how will scouting increase my return/acre?  Listed below are the many advantages that will ensure the grower reaches his yield goals or exceeds them.  Many times prescribed weed control will pay for the scouting services. 

Advantages of CPCs Crop Scouting Program

  • A trained crop scout or agronomist in your fields weekly
  • Provide solutions to preserve yield goals, even exceed them
  • Stand counts- help define possible planter issues and insect damage
  • Follow up on Herbicide applications
  • Direct path with chemical reps to cover weed escapes
  • Offer plant tissue sampling to define nutrient deficiencies
  • Provide solutions to correct nutrient deficiencies
  • Watch weed emergence to time herbicide applications
  • Provide best chemical program for weeds in the fields
  • Monitor insect thresholds with suggested timing for treatments
  • Monitor diseases thresholds with suggested treatments
  • Weekly scouting report providing recommendations if needed
  • Provide feedback on hybrids and variety’s planted
  • Define the different yield zones within your fields

To learn more about crop scouting, give your local CPC sales agronomist a call today. We are ready to help!

CPC is now a Monsanto dealer and have Asgrow and Dekalb seed in our portfolio for your seed choices. Visit with a CPC sales agronomist today for details!


Variable Rate Technology Program:  Click here to view our brochure!

  • Cost-effective field management 
  • A precision crop management program
  • Fast & efficient
  • State-of-the-art equipment

In-Season Imagery R7® Tool by Winfield.  Enroll specific fields and receive unlimited access to all of the enrolled field's in-season images.  Click here for more details.
Whatever your need, no matter the season, we’re equipped to meet it. We offer the latest crop protection products, the most current application technology, and expert crop production advice.

From crop planning to the weigh wagon, we’re with you from start to finish. Here are some of the product and services we offer:
-  Full product line – We have dry and liquid fertilizer along with a full line of package and bulk crop protection chemicals.
-  Custom application – Pre-plant, post-plant, topdress, sidedress—whatever you need, we have the equipment to get it done.  

  • Soilection™ with GPS – Our precision application equipment helps you get the biggest bang from your input buck while also maximizing yields.  

Financing programs – We offer input financing at competitive rates. The application process is easy and the response time is short.
Soil sampling – Grid or standard
Scouting – We perform field inspections for crop status, weeds, and insects, as well as post-application inspections.


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