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Maximize your Fertilizer Investment!

  • Apply ahead of fall tillage and precipitation for incorporation into the root zone
  • Fall applications give fertilizers the time they need to break down to be available for your Spring crops
  • Fertilizers available in the root zone in the Spring ensure a fast start for your crop
  • Historically, Fall fertilizer prices are the lowest of the year
Flexible Payment Terms/Financing
  • Delayed payment terms available (Ask your Agronomist for details)
  • Attractive financing options available for early purchases of Seed, Chemical and Fertilizer
PrecisionMax VRT Applications
  • Increase fertilizer rates in most productive parts of fields to maximize yields
  • Decrease or eliminate fertilizer in least productive parts of fields to reduce costs
  • Decrease or eliminate fertilizer in areas that already have high soil fertility
Fall Applied Herbicides
  • A properly timed fall herbicide application can promote a clean start in the Spring
  • Applications can target stubborn winter annual weeds
  • Provides a longer application window in the Spring by reducing early weed pressure

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Variable Rate Technology Program:  Click here for brochure

  • Cost-effective field management 
  • A precision crop management program
  • Fast & efficient
  • State-of-the-art equipment

In-Season Imagery R7® Tool by Winfield.  Enroll specific fields and receive unlimited access to all of the enrolled field's in-season images. 
Whatever your need, no matter the season, we’re equipped to meet it. We offer the latest crop protection products, the most current application technology, and expert crop production advice.

From crop planning to the weigh wagon, we’re with you from start to finish. Here are some of the product and services we offer:
-  Full product line – We have dry and liquid fertilizer along with a full line of package and bulk crop protection chemicals.
-  Custom application – Pre-plant, post-plant, topdress, sidedress—whatever you need, we have the equipment to get it done.  

  • Soilection™ with GPS – Our precision application equipment helps you get the biggest bang from your input buck while also maximizing yields.  

Financing programs – We offer input financing at competitive rates. The application process is easy and the response time is short.
Soil sampling – Grid or standard
Scouting – We perform field inspections for crop status, weeds, and insects, as well as post-application inspections.


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